Thursday, 10 May 2007

Stupid people - AGAIN!!!!

This is becoming a theme!

Just saw a link to this on one of the forums so I couldn't resist posting on it!

Unfortunately this shows the attitudes that we have to put up with.


Anonymous said...

So what he is stupid because he dared to question the ability of some diving instructors to do their job to a fair proffesional standard. Granted their are good one's but as with every proffesion their are als bad one's.

The Undercover ADI said...

Apologies for the offence, but you have to admit there's some really dumb comments on this thread. A few well though through ones too, but many people seem to presume that just because they passed after 10 lessons 20 years ago then so should their kids.
The fact is - they probably got loads of practice with their parents, and how many parents do that nowadays. There were less cars around - how many of us in our late thirties grew up in 3 car households? And the test has been made progressively harder to keep road safety at an acceptable standard.
So I stand by the title of the post.