Thursday, 10 May 2007

More intensive driving course enquiries!

Yep. Even more.

I've run low on trainee instructors at the minute, and I keep getting enquiries for intensive driving courses, so I've started wondering - should I take some of them on?

There's a few who've got a straight no - the guy who started the phone conversation with:

"'ow much're ya lessons mate?"
"Cnaye ave a coupla lessons 'n do me test on tuesdy?"

and the young lady who informed me:

"ahv bin dryvin wiv me da, an 'e sez ahm ohkay"

but there have been another couple who've actually been able to string a coherent sentence together, like the lad who's off to join the army and wants to learn in the next 6 weeks but can only get one week off work.

Then there's the girl who has booked her test, and has given me a very sensible and reasonable account of her previously failed test (complete with emailed DL25), who wants about 10 hours before next tuesday.

And I'm in a quandary.

I HATE doing intensives, but there's loads of cash in them.

I find that people who do intensives tend to be terrible drivers because humans forget everything at a rate commensurate with the rate they learnt it (I think we all understand this one from cramming for exams, then 2 weeks into the summer hols we haven't got a clue what we did).

I find myself wondering why these people cannot organise their lives properly so that they don't need to do an intensive.

And finally, I don't like not having the flexibility to decide for myself when they will be ready. I know this is selfish, I know this is a failing in my confidence, I know this is a failing in my conviction.

But I bet those of you who do intensives have the same feelings sometimes.

And still the main question remains - do I take the cash and work, or do I sit here and lurk in the forums?!!!

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