Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Driving Me Crazy - John Sargeant on 4x4's

Oh, I know that ITV can't do serious programming and that their target audience has an IQ of less than 83, but at least they tried!!

One thing that did get me thinking though was the difference in the driving once they changed from their tanks into normal cars. I've noticed this before, especially with women (sorry guys, but....!) who drive 4x4's and actually feel very vulnerable when brought down to a normal level.

Now unless we are to have an arms race on car sizes, something is going to have to happen. Once it has happened (probably with taxation, because it's the only language that fashion victims understand, until we can convince them that smaller cars are less "thick" than 4x4's or any other gas guzzlers) there will be a huge demand for defensive driving courses in order to stop people feeling nervous in smaller cars!

So sign up for my new course:

Newly divorced from your 4x4?
Was it a painful split?
Left feeling nervous and unconfident about your new car relationship?
Let the Undercover ADI renew your driving confidence!
Regain the ability to be polite to other drivers, regain the ability to understand how other road users react, regain the ability to feel comfortable driving your car!

We guarantee that we will actually save you TEN TIMES the cost of your course within 1 year of taking it.
Fuel savings of up to £800/year based on changing from a petrol 4x4 to a diesel small car.
Tax savings of over £100/year, not including reduced parking and congestion charges for those based in London
Car savings of up to and over £20,000 on your new, smaller car!!!!

Who could resist?

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