Friday, 23 November 2007

Strange questions for Driving Instructors!

Just wanted to put on a few of the questions that find their way to us - and some answers so people stop asking them (for christ's sake!).

What is an ADI Number?

This is the number your driving instructor has been allocated by the DSA when they became an ADI. If you are booking a driving test and don't know it - leave it blank, but make sure you let your instructor know you are booking your test or you may not have a car for the day itself!

How do you complain about a driving instructor?

Well - tell em you're annoyed is a good first point of call. If this doesn't work, then go above them - either to their franchise manager (phone the office if they're with a multi car school), or if this doesn't help (or if they're a one man/woman band) go direct to the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

Can you become an instructor if you have 6 points on your licence?

Possibly - you'd need to contact the DSA for a definite answer, and it's quite possible they'll turn you down.

If you get 6 points do you need to re-take your driving test?

If the 6 points are within the first two years from passing your test - yes. And the theory test. Serves you right you pratt. This is not being banned - this is having your license removed, though admittedly the effects are the same.

If you get banned do you need to take your test again?

Possibly - look at the info you got when the case was decided. Often yes, sometimes you need to take an extended test. Oh, and you're a pratt too - get so proper training and sort your attitude out or you'll be priced out of the market by the insurance companies.

What happens if the speed or traffic light camera flashes you when on a lesson?

You get the points. If the camera is working. You can sack your instructor too if you want, but lets face it speed limits are pretty simple, and a red light is a red light - even 3 year olds mean that you stop at these. Some instructors still think that they should take the rap for these - if they do so they are breaking the law and could be struck off the register - not worth it.

Which car do you take your driving test in?

Whichever one you fancy, as long as it is legal and insured for the test (most insurances do not cover this even if you're covered for learning in it - so check before you go), and has a mirror for the examiner to use. Also worth checking if your car has had a recall on it which may not have been fixed or certified by a main dealer. Using your instructors car should cover all of these bases with a lot less hastle.

There's millions of these questions - if you're really stuck, have a look at the forum and ask the instructors in there - you'll usually get a really good answer really quick, or you'll start an argument between them - a win win situation.

If you're an instructor and have a few more to add - put em in the comments and we'll see if we can add to them!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Intensive guaranteed pass driving courses - again!

Yep, this subject keeps coming up, and all I can say is -


So stop searching for one on google.

If you want anything in life you've got to work for it - and that includes learning to drive. Did you choose your sixth form by guaranteed A-grades? Did you search for your University by guaranteed firsts?

No. You knew it would take work from yourself, so why is driving any different?

I reckon it's because you're paying for it - well I've got some suggestions for you - have a look at:

Driving Lesson Prices and Costs

and work out how much it should cost you.

Then find the best driving instructor you can get your hands on.

Have a look at:

Top ten tips for picking a driving instructor - if you want a quick guide

2pass guide to finding an instructor - with links to their directory and forum

How to find a driving instructor - an in depth guide of what to look for, avoid and ask

and don't try to rush it - it'll cost you more in the long run.

And after all of that - if you insist on finding intensive courses - make sure you do an assessment before hand - preferably with a couple of different instructors so that you can find out whether you get on with the person you're going to be sharing a car with for the next 30 hours!!!!