Monday, 9 April 2007

How much does it cost to train to be an instructor?

I keep getting hits for this question - or something similar, so the answer is.........

anything between £0 and £6000.

And the £6000 doesn't guarantee you'll pass!

The free route - do loads of research yourself, be strict with your revision, know your subject, be a bloody good driver already, and be a good trainer/coach already. With the amount of info out there it is possible I reckon, though I suspect only in theory. The best thing would be to do the work, then get someone to check you're on the right track every now and again. I reckon realistically you could do it for about £500 if you were really determined. Bear in mind about £220 in test fees, and a hundred or so on books.

The expensive route - follow the adverts, let the sales people talk you into things, and trust them to do the right thing by you. Don't do your homework, and expect "them" to "teach" you. This will not work. "You" will have to "learn from" them.

The sensible middle ground - go and have a chat with one of the "good guys" in the panel on the right, or someone who's posts you trust in the forums. Find recommendations, and work with them. Don't expect anything to come to you, 'coz even with the good guys it won't happen. Go after it.

If you wind up paying more than £3k for the whole shebang you're probably paying too much.

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