Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The demise of intelligence!

I keep getting phone calls at the moment asking how much my lessons are.

No real problem until I ask where they found out about me, at which point they tell me that they got my number off my website. The funny thing is - my prices are on every page of my website.

Then there's the ones who presume that I'll be able to fit them in immediately, whenever they want, forgetting that I have other customers and a life to accomodate. Then they go all quiet as they realise that it's not quite as easy as they presumed it would be.

It is at this point that I wonder whether I actually want to take on someone whose life so obviously revolves around themselves.

A good driving instructor will try to accomodate customers as well as is possible, but there are limits, and the ones who get a bit annoyed that you can't fit them in will be the same ones who will cancel when they want, and expect you to put them in for test before they are ready.

Anything for a quiet life - I leave them well alone.

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