Friday, 4 May 2007


I've just been speaking to yet another trainee instructor who's been let down by their training company. I won't mention this one because they are a bit litigious apparently, but at least 2 of the "good guys" have worked for them at 1 point or another and left because of the way the company treated their trainees.

This one apparently isn't going to receive any more training because they are now costing the company money. The training was offered as a set fee with a guarantee to pass. Now this trainee doesn't lack get up and go - they're proactive (sorry, I'll make up a buzzword bingo card one of these days, but it's the best word to describe them) and well informed, but because of a combination of nerves and frickin awful training they haven't passed their part 3 yet.

And now they're getting the run around from their company who haven't actually said they can't give them more training, but serious hints have been dropped.

Now should this trainee go back to the company and just bully them into providing what has been paid for, or should they run and get some decent training?

You decide.

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