Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Retests are Coming!

Well, for bus & truck drivers they are anyway. Recent changes to the system mean that these drivers will probably have to retake their test every 5 years.

Many local authorities also expect cab drivers to do the same, and with schools and businesses often specifying that their employees may not drive on business until they have passed a driver assessment - how long can it take?

And it will never be too soon for the 3000 people who are killed on the roads every year.

It will never be too soon for the 28,000 people seriously injured, disabled and disfigured on britains roads every year.

£11.73 BILLION pounds is one of the estimated costs of bad driving every year.

That's £11,730,000,000 in real numbers. And to break that down into even more understandable figures, that's £586.50 for every driver.

And if you're not a driver - don't worry - you pay your share in taxes.

The worst bit is that many of these bad drivers don't pay a penny, because they aren't insured - and until they cause an accident, all they really risk is a small fine and a few points on their licence.

If anyone is listening - PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Sorry guys - rant over.

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