Monday, 9 April 2007

How much does a driving instructor earn

Another one without a simple answer, but I'll try.

Anywhere from £0 (or even a loss after training, car, franchise and other costs), to £30k and beyond.

£0 or a loss - work for a bad franchise who charge you a fortune then don't give you any customers. Work for yourself, but have no business sense, and a bit of bad luck (5 lessons for a fiver brigade opening up next door).

£30k - work like a sod for about 3 years. Train constantly to gain new qualifications. Have good business sense - or learn it. Work smart, keep customers, get a good reputation, but never slack on getting the word out.

Beyond? Start your own school, move up through the career ladder to ADI training and beyond. The owner of a 10 car school who trains all his ADIs should be able to earn around £1500 a week.


(for more info on this huge subject click on "driving instructor earnings" below.)

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