Thursday, 19 April 2007

Driving Lessons on Ufindus!!!!

Well they're at it again (and I do hope they find this! (edit 19.06.07: they have found this - I tracked their IP! - Did they listen? Well I ain't had any calls since!!!)), they're calling anyone and everyone in an attempt to get themselves more business.

Not only do they call driving instructors on their mobile phones (I'll guarantee that these fools will drive and talk on them and won't understand why we won't), but they also use different phones all the time. They know that we block their calls, they know we don't want to talk to them, but still they call.

Now most of the time I don't get angry with people on the phone, because these poor morons aren't intelligent enough to question the morality of what they do, but I have started giving them aggro, with the idea that if enough people question the company that they work for, maybe they will too. Staff turnover might get these guys to change from a company that cold calls then charges a huge amount for a website you could make yourself for a fiver into a company that actually gives a good service, and stops calling when you ask them too.

So if they phone, what do you do? Well - I ask them how much they're paying me for my services - this really throws them! Then when they ask what I'm on about I tell them that the phone they have called me on is for customers to request my services - in the same way that when I want someones services I WILL PHONE THEM! Then I tell them that the call has been made to a telephone preference service registered number (unfortunately not applicable on the mobile yet - can you do this? I'm sure someone will email me with the answer) and that I will report them.

Then I ask to speak to their manager, and if they refuse, I ask why they work for a company when they can't even hand over the awkward customers to the manager?! Do they not give you the back up that you deserve? I bet the pay is pretty terrible when you could be earning a real living dealing with people who actually WANT your services.

And if they haven't given up and put the phone down I ask them why they would want to work for a company that so many people hate, and suggest they do a search on the office internet about Ufindus and find out how many people despise them.

Then I suggest they find a job that actually gives them some satisfaction and suggest they become a driving instructor - did you know you can earn £30,000 a year, have a new fully maintained car, and work flexible hours - interested?!!!!

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