Tuesday, 24 July 2007



Why do I keep getting these phone calls? Now I know I have to stay positive, I have to portray a good image of the company, but to be quite honest I'm sick of it.

It really puts me off a customer, and as I'm busy I'm not desperate for everyone who comes along, so I'm starting to get picky.

If someone asks for prices I try to find out where they found my number - if they say on the website then they've lost the game - I won't take them on. Let them find another mug - I really have no interest in wasting my time with foolish lazy people who don't actually look at the information they're given.

If however they ask articulate questions, based on intelligent research and sensible thought - I'll do them a cheap rate.

So be warned - an interview (be it over the phone or not) works both ways - if you don't make a good impression I won't take you on.

I reckon I'll save myself a lot of stress and aggro, and might have some fun at the expense of ill prepared and badly organised people which always makes me feel better!

(Should I have got out of bed the other side this morning?)

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