Sunday, 24 June 2007

Why worry about Driving Test fraud?

So, around 10,000 people have got driving licences by fraudulent means - should we really be worried?

Well yes, obviously, but isn't it slightly more important that 400,000 people (40 times as many) are driving around with no insurance?

And what about all the people who drive around having never passed a test in the first place?

How many of those new drivers who have been banned under the 6 point scheme are still driving?

Don't look to me for answers though, you wouldn't like the suggestions.

Oh all right then, you twisted my arm!

  • Immediate removal of the vehicle if uninsured or driven illegally - only releaseable on a legal driver turning up with 20% of the cost of the car as a release fee or it gets sold - use the proceeds to pay more police. (I know the problems with this, but don't rightly care - more police please, with more powers to take cars off the road)
  • Insurance disc should be shown on windscreen.
  • Drivers should have to display their driver's licence in the windscreen like Driving Instructors do.

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