Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Reasons for not driving an automatic

Well, it's what the Americans do isn't it? Isn't that a good enough reason? Not really.

There's a lot of anti auto snobbery in Britain (and Europe to some extent), and I'm not sure where it stems from. There seems to be a feeling that you're not a "proper" driver unless you use a stick shift.

Though obviously being able to drive both well is an advantage - how many people do you know who really can drive a manual to a really good standard?

Not many.

Being able to concentrate so much more on the road has to be a safer way of going - maybe we should suggest this in our fleet risk assessments? Lets face it - with all the hybrids being developed, we'll all be driving them within a decade, and it'll only be old colonel Smotherington who's stuck with his outdated slow 2007 Jag who won't change!

Just a thought - and maybe a gap in the market for those who want to keep one step ahead!

....and it takes about half as long to learn - therefore only costs half as much!

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