Thursday, 1 March 2007

To those who've sussed me......

....say nuffin'. (please).

If you wanna complain - feel free. If you want me to remove a link, no problem.



Anonymous said...

i know this isnt in the right place but I saw the reasons to get rid of your instructor bit on the side - my instructor turned up in his wifes car that dont have the brake on his side - this really scared me - is this legal?

The Undercover ADI said...

Put it this way - if it is legal I would be surprised! You were probably not insured during the lesson, and if caught you may have been held responsible for the lack of insurance (not too sure on the actual laws here). Driving instructor insurance nearly always insists on dual controls being fitted.
If you had been involved in an accident you may have been prosecuted, and if you had been injured you would have been in for a very tough time trying to get compensation. Report him to the DSA please - it's guys like this get the rest of us a bad name.
Oh, and if you want a few more opinions - try the 2pass forum link on the right panel - loads of learners and quite a few instructors to ask.