Sunday, 11 March 2007

Guaranteed or Instant Driving Test Pass

RUBBISH! There are lots of these kind of adverts around for "Pass your test in 5 days" or "guaranteed driving test pass", and you really have to wonder what kind of fool falls for them.

Could you expect anyone to be able to guarantee this? Is anyone actually stupid enough to think that with just 5 days of training they will be able to safely throw a tonne of steel around at speeds up to 70mph?

Why do people want this kind of instant gratification? Why to people want 'guarantees' for something that can so easily lead to the death of yourself, your kids, your loved ones, and innocent bystanders?

Intensive driving courses (from no experience to test) are notoriously unsuccessful (though you have to be very careful when reading the small print for them). There are a few instructors around who run 'semi-intensive' courses, which involve around 10 hours per week for maybe 4 weeks, and these can be very successful. But what makes people think that they can do a residential intensive driving course in Blackpool, when they have never been to the town before, do 40 hours in a car, then take their test (very often nowhere near Blackpool btw, and on roads they may never have seen before), and expect to pass?

Wake up people. Take driving seriously - this is not a game. Invest for the rest of your life, and don't expect it on a plate, or some of these shady operators will take your money, and hand you nothing in return.

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