Saturday, 10 March 2007

Caught on Camera on your Mobile Phone!

This is just a warning to all of those people who think that driving around with a mobile phone clamped to their ear is a sensible thing to do - DRIVING INSTRUCTORS HAVE GOT YOU NICKED!

There's been a little research done into this, and all seems good!

In any one learner car at any one time there are usually 2 people - or shall we call them 'witnesses'.

In many learner cars, there are cameras - we use them for training purposes, and they often have cameras facing forwards, and backwards.

So if you like using your phone while driving, beware next time you are in front of, or behind a learner car, because we have been informed that if we supply video of you doing it, with the 2 witness statements confirming this to the police - you can be nicked!

3 points and a £60 fine coming your way guys - and there's a lot more learner cars around than police cars. And believe me, we WILL be doing this!

Be afraid - be very afraid!

Or just stop being a danger to yourself and everyone around you, you selfish fool.

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