Monday, 5 February 2007

So you wanna be a driving instructor?

A new car?
Work around your commitments?
Sounds tempting don't it?
Do you know how much work it takes to get £30k a year?
Well let's do a little basic math.
Average lesson: 1hour.
Average time taken out of your day to give that 1hour lesson: 1.5 hours.
Average cash recieved for that 1.5 hours: £18 (after discounts - this is a realistic average)
Average cost to give that 1.5 hour lesson:
Advertising - £1.50 (at least)
Car - £3 (based on £90/week and 30 hours of teaching)
Petrol/Diesel - £2 (at least)
Miscellanaeous - 50p (believe me, it's cheaper sitting in front of the shiny adverts
than it is doing the job)
Average income (before tax) for that 1.5 hour lesson - £11
Average hourly rate (before tax) - £7.33
Weekly income after expenses (before tax) - £330
Average yearly income (4 weeks off, and 5 days sick/car nackered/snowed in etc) - £15,510
Cost per year of continued professional development - £350 (at least)
Cost per year of accountancy - £250
Cost per year of membership of professional bodies - £100
Cost per year of repairs to car not covered by lease/guarantees - £100
Average income after extra costs - £15,060
Amount of time spent building your business without any recompense - ?!?!? (10 hours/week?)
Average hours needing to be booked per week to achieve 30 hours after cancellations - 35
Average number of road rage incidents from other motorists per day - 2 (at least)
Cost of qualifying - £3000
Time taken to build up the business to a point where you actually have a full diary and start to turn a profit - 1 year (how much would you have earnt in that time?)

Do you still wanna be an instructor?

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