Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Psychometric tests before you can drive?

Hmmm. This one has started coming up recently.

Attitude testing done at the same time as the theory and hpt.

What would happen if you fail - 'Well you know your highway code backwards - 100% on that, your hazard perception is spot on, you see the problems, and react at the precise moment they develop from potential to actual hazards, but we think you're a bad 'un - so sod off, you can never drive - ever.'

I can't really see this one happening. Not because I don't want to encourage people to have a good attitude to driving, but because I think it is unworkable.

It would be fun though!
Try this one:

1: Do you feel that people who drive within the 2 second gap are -

a) Dangerous, and should be shot at dawn after having their mobile phones rivetted to their ears.
b) Stupid, and should be banned from being in charge of anything which can travel at more than 4 miles per hour.
c) Lazy, and every time they are caught should be whipped in order to get them to buck their ideas up.

2: Drivers who are found liable in the case of an accident should -

a) Be banned from driving as they are a danger to themselves and others.
b) Have to pay for the time and resources of the police and emergency services, thus forcing their insurance up so high they will never be able to afford it.
c) Be banned from driving until they can pass an advanced driving test requiring a thorough understanding of why these methods should be employed at ALL times.

3: Drivers who cannot signal correctly at least 98% of the time should -

a) Have their licences taken off them because if they cannot communicate in such a simple and necessary way they are obviously mentally deficient.
b) Only be able to drive vehicles which are brightly coloured (maybe orange, with 3 wheels), have large and visible warnings that the occupant's actions may be unpredictable, and be limited via a black box gps to the speed limit.
c) Be made to take a sign language course, and a morse code course, and a course in semaphore, passing stringent examinations in all thus enforcing the need and capability of clear and simple non-verbal communication.

If you answered mainly 'A' - you believe that many people on the road are dangerous. This may lead to anger and road rage - hand in your licence to the DVLA and get a bus pass.

If you answered mainly 'B' - you believe that many people on the road are stupid. Again - get a bus pass.

If you answered mainly 'C' - you believe that many people on the road are lazy. Become a driving instructor and help to do something about it!


Geilshaif said...

I answered mostly "A," but I'm an American, so I have an excuse. :)

Anonymous said...

I suggest that ADIs go this professional website I have discovered to read the views of the experts about this silly computer game the DSA calls a TEST!

The website address is;
and the articles are under the 'Most requested papers' section of its Road Safety page