Saturday, 27 September 2008

Using a driving instructor's car for test

People who just want to use my car for the driving test make me laugh.

When they ask, I usually bite my tongue and ask them why? Hell - why not use your own?

I even had a parent ask me this and I asked them why they would not lend them theirs (they had been teaching their son in it) as he would be more used to it - and what was their response?

"What if he crashes it?"


So him crashing my only source of income would be ok then would it?

Not a chance guys. If you want a car for the test - hire one.

If you want someone to teach you to drive - phone a driving instructor - not a car hire firm.

Just in case you're confused, you can take any car to a driving test as long as it is in a fit condition to use on the road (would pass an MOT on the day, including having no warning lights, everything works) and it is insured for the purposes of the test (check with your insurance company, they usually are, but some will stipulate that you tell them - if you don't and you crash on test then you're not covered and you can guarantee that the examiner will sue you for lots and lots of money - get it sorted). It needs tax and a valid MOT and remember that the examiner will ask the candidate to check certain things on the vehicle before the test starts (lights, brake lights, screenwash maybe.....) so don't turn up in a wreck, or you'll have wasted your fee.

The car does not need dual controls, the car does not need to be of a certain size.

The DSA have a list of unsuitable vehicles (vans without rear side windows, some convertibles), which are deemed unsuitable purely because of the vision from the examiner's seat.

So please - stop asking us this dumb question. We would be stupid to say yes.


CDT said...

I have the same conversation with people wanting to use my instructor's cars for their driving tests with depressing regularity.

They get the same answer too - we teach people to DRIVE...we don't run a car hire firm...

Just wanted to add re: suitable cars for use on driving tests, that although there's NOTHING about this on the DirectGov site or on the letter or print out that comes from the DSA when a driving test is booked, that cars with ELECTRIC HANDBRAKES are also prohibited (because the handbrake is operated by a button which the examiner cannot reach in the event of them needing to try to stop the car). Had a "conversation" with the DSA on this subject turned into a rant because they couldn't seem to grasp the fact that not telling people this fact and turning people away if they turn up at the test centre in a car which has an electronic handbrake and just saying "oh, well they loose their fee" is poor customer service...


InstructorClub said...

From an insurers point of view i completley agree with this article i would also like to add that even if the insured driver (learner driver) is covered to drive the examiner is definatley not covered so if the pupil refuses to drive any further and leaves the car in a dangerous position they are unable to move the car, where as the would be permited to under a driving instructor policy which covers any driver for tuition use.

Symon Weedon

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Round here the examiners dont move the car anyway - even tho they know instructors cars will be insured for them to drive