Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Would you?

You've had a long day and you need to get home.

There's been people hastling you all day and you just want to get away from them, your mate's best friend offers to drive you, but you know he's been in the bar most of the evening and you reckon he's probably over the limit, but he's a trained professional driver and your mate tells you he's good at his job.

You and your three friends decide you'll risk it (the people in the hotel where you're staying are really hastling you and you just want to get away).

You get in the car, but you notice that the people hastling you are now beginning to get on mopeds and in cars to follow you - damn.

The guy driving knows you just want to get away from them, if that means going quick then so be it.

You want to keep an eye on them, so you don't put your seat belt on - you can keep an eye on where they are this way. The driver is going pretty quick, still trying to get away from the guys following you. You know they only want to chat and take photos, but they're sooooo annoying.

You're now trying to get away from them through the centre of a busy city, through tunnels, in a high powered Mercedes - pretty exciting stuff really.


You find yourself crushed into the footwell, in massive amounts of pain.

You black out.

You wonder whose fault it was?

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