Saturday, 22 March 2008

The price of fuel

There's a lot of whingeing going on at the moment about the price of fuel.

Regular readers will recognise one of my personal annoyances here (see: for a previous rant) and feel free to switch off, log out and pretend that the subject doesn't exist and that those of us who actually agree with the tax increase on fuel must be either mad, bad or dangerous.

The fact is - no government will raise the price of driving unless they REALLY NEED TO. It loses votes - hell, IT LOSES LOTS OF VOTES.

So why are they doing it?

Because they f&*%ing NEED to!

Despite the constant whingeing - foolish fat people continue to buy bigger and greedier cars (try buying a car that does what you need it to and nothing more - the price of your fuel will drop by 15-30%) and they also continue to use them for journeys for which they are completely unnecessary (try walking you lazy t*@t - your fuel figures will drop by 100% for each of these journeys).

These guys are the same people who drive aggressively and waste fuel (try going on an eco-driving course guys - the price of fuel will drop by 10-20% for frick's sake). They also complain that speed bumps ruin their suspension while driving past schools at 25 mph (slow down you w@n&£r and you might find that not only are your maintenance bills lower, but for some reason small dead children no longer need to be removed from your wheel arches and radiator grill).

They're also the same people who feel that the delightful flourescent charity boxes they mount on poles in areas where road risk has been assessed to be higher than normal should be removed. They also feel that these same charity boxes are only designed for raising revenue ('duh - yeah!!!) and have no effect on road safety (who cares? - they really are quite simple - go past them without contributing - like you do outside the supermarket at Christmas - you've had enough practice at it haven't you?).

The simple fact is that driving can be affordable to those who need to drive and use their brains to work out what the best way of doing it is.

For those who are selfish, greedy or ignorant it's getting more expensive - hu-f*<&ing-rah!!!

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garry said...

Buy a deisel, with good MPG, then try one of the fuel vard companies. The rates are around 15p cheaper than the pumps!!