Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Charging for driving lessons without being an ADI - It's illegal

For the guy who found my site yesterday while searching for this - it's illegal.

Unless you are a PDI (someone most of the way through the exams to become an ADI and registered as such with the DSA) then teaching anyone to drive a car under any circumstances (on or off road, full license holder or provisional) for money (or money's worth) is illegal.

There's quite a few companies doing this under the guise of track training, car control training, even some of the fleet guys use people who aren't ADIs to do this.

The fact is, it's still illegal.

There's even government approved training providers who do this and large organisations who advocate this.

But it is illegal.

I've even been on courses which practically sanction this and train us to train "assessors". If they assess then that's fine, but as soon as they offer any kind of solution to a fault recognised by the assessment then......'s illegal.

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