Friday, 9 November 2007

Intensive guaranteed pass driving courses - again!

Yep, this subject keeps coming up, and all I can say is -


So stop searching for one on google.

If you want anything in life you've got to work for it - and that includes learning to drive. Did you choose your sixth form by guaranteed A-grades? Did you search for your University by guaranteed firsts?

No. You knew it would take work from yourself, so why is driving any different?

I reckon it's because you're paying for it - well I've got some suggestions for you - have a look at:

Driving Lesson Prices and Costs

and work out how much it should cost you.

Then find the best driving instructor you can get your hands on.

Have a look at:

Top ten tips for picking a driving instructor - if you want a quick guide

2pass guide to finding an instructor - with links to their directory and forum

How to find a driving instructor - an in depth guide of what to look for, avoid and ask

and don't try to rush it - it'll cost you more in the long run.

And after all of that - if you insist on finding intensive courses - make sure you do an assessment before hand - preferably with a couple of different instructors so that you can find out whether you get on with the person you're going to be sharing a car with for the next 30 hours!!!!

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