Saturday, 22 September 2007

Guaranteed Pass Courses

One of my associates runs a website which is designed to turn up high on the search engines for this phrase, and he gets over 100 hits a day with people looking for this kind of course!

I know that we all want some kind of guarantee when we buy anything these days, but what do they really think that we can guarantee?

After looking at this for a few minutes, I've found a lot of sites offering free retests, and a couple who will repay your test fee if you fail, but I really feel that people want a guarantee that they will pass!

There's one guy out there who offers a "guaranteed pass" rate on his site - it's nearly £2000! I reckon the principle there is that he should be able to get anyone through with that many lessons, and if not they'll give up. I reckon he'll regret that sometime! 100 lessons isn't unknown, and I've seen a few customers who would take him to court if he didn't keep giving lessons after that!

Yep - people really do want "a driving license or your money back"!

What kind of society do we live in?

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