Monday, 16 July 2007

Cold Callers - the fools!

Yep, they're at it again - Ufindus' parent company Iomart have asked all of their oh so pleasant cold calling people to phone up all of us poor independent driving instructors - but they're now operating under the name of "customer street".

Don't be fooled - this is the same pleasant and polite (not) people who constantly hastle us under the old Ufindus name. Don't be fooled.

Couple of hints for dealing with cold callers - make them work for their money - say as little as possible, tell them you've never heard of them, and generally be quite "off" - you will soon find the nasty beggars start getting shirty with you.

Then try to sell them driving lessons - really hard sell, really really hard sell, or fleet, or advanced, what about pass plus, but have you considered the insurance savings, or eco-driving because the cost savings will be huge over the course of the year, what is your budget for driver training this year sir, oh, don't you know that if you use a car then you must comply with health and safety regulations - how do you get to work? this could be construed as driving on business, do your employers know? don't they offer you training, and WHY ARE YOU PHONING ME ON A LINE THAT IS INTENDED FOR MY CUSTOMERS TO CONTACT ME. IF YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER - YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET YOU FOOLISH LITTLE PEOPLE. IF I WANT YOUR SERVICES I WILL PHONE YOU UP OR SEARCH FOR YOU ON THE INTERNET.

If you are as good as you suggest you are on the phone - I'll be able to find you easily enough, won't I?!!!!

PS: if anyone tries to sell you advertising linked to fire, police, or ambulance service charities - it is most likely a con. Put the phone down.

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