Thursday, 5 April 2007

Too many new Driving Instructors?

It's a commonly heard complaint in this industry, with people calling for the ADI register to be closed, training companies to be sued for mis-advertising and the like, and moaners on the forums from noon till night.

And yes, there's loads of the buggers around - I think I've seen 6 pink badges in my area recently, even though the local BSM office has shut down. There's a hundred and one new cars and new roofboxes around, and the local garages must be upping their stock of cheap and nasty cars for driving instructors. (Kia Picanto - eurgh!)

But they disappear again after 5 minutes! I'm gonna keep a list, and tick them off when I get a chance, and see how long they last. It seems no sooner than these guys get their green badge they disappear (obviously a good few disappear even before the green badge stage!).

The main reason seems to be not enough work. And I'm not sure why. Yes it's competetive, yes it's not regular, yes you have to do dodgy hours sometimes, BUT THAT'S WHAT IT'S LIKE WHEN YOU START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

And we are all self employed! The business sense of some of these guys is great, but some of them seem clueless. One of the PDI's I spoke to in the test centre complained that he didn't have enough work because his recommendations were going to another PDI who had started with the company!!!!! GIVE 'EM YOUR OWN NUMBER!

Like I've said before - with a lot of work, and by vigorous rubbing together of braincells it is not too hard to make a living at this game. With a bit more work and brainpower (and some lateral thinking, training, and luck) the £30k is not out of reach given 3 years or so.

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