Saturday, 24 March 2007

Why don't people take refresher lessons?

There's enough people out there who need to!

But seriously, when talking to people, reading the forums, or simply watching people driving on the roads, you can see people really having trouble driving.


And I don't understand why. Most of the things they have trouble with are simple to fix, like moving off on a hill, or parking in a bay - we could solve this in an hour if you wanted us to - 1 hour to solve that problem that stresses you out every time you get in a car! SO WHY DON'T YOU SOLVE IT!

Even more complex things - solving nerves, driving without stress, even reverse parking! We can help with all of these, but no - you'd rather stress yourself out and risk your own or someone else's death than ask for help. And all because "I've already passed my test". Well I've already had central heating installed - BUT IF IT DOESN'T WORK I'LL CALL A FRICKIN PLUMBER!

I'm not proud.

Is it pride, or selfishness. We get in that steel box and we feel that we are in charge, and admitting that actually we aren't in as much charge as we'd like is hard, but taking the central heating analogy again - i'm in control - I can change the temperature, and I can set it to come on when I want it to, but if it starts leaking water (or worse still Carbon Monoxide), I WILL call that plumber. I won't risk damage to my property or anyone else's, and I WILL NOT RISK MY LIFE OR THOSE OF MY FAMILY. And if I won't risk the life of my family - what gives you the right to.

(Oh yeah, and why is it that nervous drivers buy 4x4's instead of taking a few refresher lessons? Surely an extra £10 grand for a car is taking pride a bit too far. And it just means that they are more likely to kill the child they hit, because the bumper hits their hip and breaks it rather than their leg. Luckily, drivers of 4x4's are slightly more likely to die in an accident than normal car drivers. Maybe we could replace airbags in gas guzzlers (anything with an mpg less than 35, not just 4x4's) with large metal spikes that fire out through people's brains when they crash. Maybe then they'd stop talking on their phones.)

Can you tell I've had a hard week?!

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