Thursday, 15 February 2007

How to pass the UK driving test

There really is a simple answer to this.


That's all there is to it.

And yet I hear all the nay-sayers out there:

"but I failed for missing out couple of blindspot checks" - NO, you failed for moving off without being certain that it was safe.

"but I failed for driving at 52 in a 60 zone" - YES, the road was clear and you were driving too slowly - backing up traffic UNSAFELY.

"but I failed on observations on a manoover" - NO, you failed for not making sure that you weren't gonna hit anyone.

"but I failed because I went too wide on the reverse around a corner" - YES, you might have been driving on the wrong side of the road, or been blocking the junction for other traffic causing others to change their line or speed which could be UNSAFE.

"but I failed because I stopped at a roundabout - SURELY THAT COULDN'T BE UNSAFE?!" - TOO RIGHT IT COULD BE, the guy behind is looking at a clear roundabout and he isn't braking, and doesn't expect you to - rear end shunt time!

Think I've probably made that point, so I'll just remind you all - there is no bizaare ritual involved here, there is no need to ask "will I fail if I......?" because you know the answer all ready. You might not know it, but think about whatever it is that you're unsure about, and ask a few different questions:

Do I know what is going on around me? --------- If no, then find out.
If yes, then....
Do they know what I am going to do next? ------- If no, then tell them as clearly as possible without confusing them.
If yes, then....
Could I make another road user with priority change speed or direction? ------- If yes, wait till they're past.
If no, then....
Am I in full control of the car's speed and position? -------- If no, then slow down til you are.
If yes, then....
Carry on as you are! If you aren't putting yourself or anyone else in danger - you're fine. You've already passed, you just need to show them that you have.


Anonymous said...

Hi There Undercover ADI,

I have just been directed to this site because you have a link to my website and I always check regularly to see who is linking to me. Can I say, having read a fair amount of this blog that I am a fan, what a breath of fresh air to hear (read) someone who tells it like it is. Keep it up and you might just get Rosemary Thews' job at the DSA.

There again, common sense doesn't tend to stand up too well in that area.

Much Respect!

The Undercover ADI said...

Lovely Rosie - yep, I'd gladly have her job, but I don't want the ginger wig, she can keep that!

All I've gotta do now is work out who you are, but I suppose that would defeat the object!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if there was a way that people could contact you on an email address you would be able to find out who the anonymous commenters are.

Like the info provided, bit long winded...but then I am an ADI so I am reading it like an ADI not PDI or learner driver.

All the best.

The Undercover ADI said...

Damn fine idea. All done, top right.