Friday, 26 January 2007

Why do drivers presume a car with L-plates on is going to hold them up?

I'm gonna admit something here I shouldn't.

I get pretty p*ssed off with just about everyone else on the road some days.
Then I get therapy and chill out again - but this one annoys the sh*t out of me!

During a lesson today - my bloke had done really well on his second lesson, and I was driving him home through some hellish junctions he didn't fancy trying (we'll do em next week I promise - but think about crossing a 4 lane road after your second lesson - yep!). There were no gaps, not even cheeky ones - it was chucking out time for the schools, and the (completely pointless) 4x4's were thundering by from both directions. But, because there were L-plates on the car - the guy behind presumed we must be holding him up so he beeped at us!

Donchajustluvvem! I seriously debated stalling it then rolling back into his stupid merc (are these guys given an exemption from the highway code when they buy one?), but then realised saying 'om' would be a much more positive, enlightening, and karmic thing to do.

It doesn't matter what you do - they see the L's and just have to go for you - it's like a target to them. When younger I retaliated - I sometimes miss that, but no - my reward will come when I have shuffled off this mortal coil (preferably taking some tw*t in a range rover sport out of the game with me - did I type that or just think it? sorry). I'll have lovely worms eating me (shame I'm not religeous innit!).

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