Sunday, 28 January 2007

Why can't driving instructors agree?!

There are a lot of arguments going on at the moment, just look at the forums - even dtt is becoming bitchy! For some reason people can't see the wood for the trees. All of the changes to the system (most of them as yet pretty badly laid out) are making ADIs twitchy. They are looking for someone to blame.

First off they start sniping at the people around them - other ADIs, usually with the traditional dividing lines of ADI vs Trainee (pinkies), independent vs franchise. Luckily these tend just to be personality clashes, and different ways of doing stuff.

Where it gets more worrying is when they team up against the DSA. This side of things is getting very heated at the moment, and if the DSA don't start picking up on this ill will soon then they will have problems. Problems which will most likely start at the test centre - stupid ADIs taking their frustration out on the guys at the coal face. I'm gonna go out on a limb now and say DON'T TAKE THINGS OUT ON THE EXAMINERS. Barring the odd pill*ck examiners are a fine bunch, and considering what they do I reckon there's a lot less bad apples than in most industries.

The DSA do have a few things to answer for - they are slow at getting information out to us (yes, the emails help guys, but what is happening with tests - are new guidelines being issued or what?). They are also not the greatest at asking for input, every now and again I hear about a survey being done, but I don't seem to get asked anything (maybe they've got me sussed and want to steer well clear!). The main problem though doesn't lie with the DSA.

It lies with the politicians above. And are we gonna be able to change that? Not a hope in hell!

So what is the solution? Well we need to start working together a bit more, instructors with instructors, independents with franchises, and most of all - ADIs with the DSA. If the DSA have to get something done, then it will be done, but if ADIs work WITH the DSA rather than against them, we might be able to shape it into something workable and useful to our ends.

If you ask any ADI worth their salt what they want to see happening, it will include safer roads. Ask the DSA, and you'll get the same answer.

Lets try and hang together on a few of these issues guys. I know - radical 'devils advocate' thinking there, but it might just work!

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